About Us


Welcome to the website of Eddie Photovideo. Our company is registered under CMC Tech Resources (001473564-K) and Ministry Of Finance (357-02141084) for Multimedia, Videography, Photography and Design Services. CMC Tech Resources has been established and registered since 26th March 2004.

We are a team of professional photographers, videographers and designer based in Malaysia. We offer under-one-roof services, namely photography, videography, design and multimedia services. We have more than 15 years of local and overseas experiences, with exposure to different kinds of environments and this would have been an X-factor for clients, both ex-clients and future clients to look forward to. Clients will get marvelous deals with our combo packages. These combo packages are specially tailored to ease our clients. We guarantee that our client will get a through consultation and an excellent before and after service. We have developed good rapport with our clients and this can be seen from the responses given by our clients. When we are at ease with the clients, a two-way bond has been established and we have loyal clients throughout.

Our passion in both conventional and photojournalism techniques have created positive responses from our clients. We cover every possible events but not limited to only birthday parties, weddings, thanksgiving, family gathering, graduation day, engagements, open houses, family portraits. Just name us any event and we will quote you at our best rate. We also cover corporate, commercials, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, meetings and press conferences at reasonable rate.

Our techniques caught attentions of many as we have captured every unforgettable moments, to every detail. It has become our top priority to please our clients in every way. We enjoy what we are doing and we love to help our clients to freeze their happy and unforgettable moments.

Our Team

  • Zulraidi Affendi “Eddie”

    Founder / Principal

    Zulraidi Affendi, also known as Eddie by his family members, close friends and yes, clients, is an avid photographer and videographer. Has accomplished himself as a professional photographer, videographer and designer for over 15 years. He established his ground in photography at a very young age of 10. He had his very first camera at the age of 15 and his first videocamera at the age of 16.
    He graduated with an engineering degree with honours (B.Eng Electrical and Electronics) from Manchester University, United Kingdom in 1998 then pursued his MBA in 2002. While he was there studying, his passion for photography and videography grows as he had the opportunity to capture the Eid Mubarak’s Photovideo session for Malaysian students for Salam Perantauan in Malaysia’s major newspaper and TV3’s Sampaikan Salam in 1997 and 1998. He loves traveling very much and indeed, never left his gadgets while traveling. He went for European Tour, twice with Kelana Convoy (formerly known as KMUK) in 1997 and 1998. He covered UK, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland. During his travel, he spent quite a fortune on 50 rolls of film, for each trip, as digital cameras were not born yet, at the moment. Though it costs a lot of money, what matters that he enjoyed the trip and the trips turn out to be very satisfying.

    Returning home upon graduation, he worked as an engineer for 6 years with his last position as an assistant technical manager. He decided to leave for Auckland, New Zealand from April 2004 til October 2004 for traveling, managed to find time for a part time study in digital photography and among others, doing what he fancied the most, photography and videography, freelance. He even worked for Mesra Homestay, assigned for photography and videography assignments for Malaysian and Muslim tourists. He had covered almost 65% of North Island and South Island. New Zealand, in whole has great sceneries and South Island itself has the best scenery ever in the world. Picture Lord of The Rings! So you know, Lord of The Rings was filmed here in South Island. Using his gadgets, he had captured most beautiful sceneries and nice places to be at.

    His strong business sense has incorporated initial business encounter in wide range of areas. Despite the demands of these types of businesses, he continued on pursuing his photography, videography and design business with great enthusiasm, which you can only get from doing something you’d really fancy. Hence, this has resulted a complete studio together with class room and office located in Prima Sri Gombak, Batu Caves.

    With passion in photography Eddie had travel around the world for teaching in photography and photo shoot for "Travel Photo". His company Akademi PhotoVideo was established in 2007 for workshop and learning centre. He was in Europe, USA, Canada, North Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Brunei for the workshop and assignment.

    Eddie has his photo collections published in Majalah Perempuan, Ratu Sehari, Nona, Majalah Pengantin, Bridal Guide, Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and a company profile in Holland as well as some other local company magazines. He had made every effort to ensure that his relationship is more of client-friendly with full dedications and more of friends of the family. That’s why he had established a good rapport with his clients. His approach is relaxed, so his clients will be at ease while he performed his job. His mode: Lively, Natural and Candid, describes all.

    Eddie enjoys what he’s doing. This is conveyed not only through his end product but even when he’s on site, while observing and capturing priceless moments. Whether he’s shooting weddings, birthdays, profiles, travel photos and videos, he seeks to establish personal relationships with his clients.